Abadeh Cement Plc

Abadeh Cement Plc is a well-known Iranian Fully Integrated Cement producer which is established since 1983 near Abadeh city, in the Fars Province.

Abadeh Cement Plc

Abadeh Cement produces a variety of Portland Cement according to the Iranian Standards and produces Oil Well Cement according to API Standards as Follow:
1) Portland Cement (Type 1-425 , Type II and Type V)
2) Oil well cement (Class A, Class G and E)
3) Clinker (Type 2 and Type 5)
- Products are delivered in 50 kg bags, bulk as well as jumbo bags per customers’ requirements.
- Reliable product quality and competitive price.


11th Aug 17


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11th Aug 17

OWC Class E

Abadeh Cement very soon to start supplying...
2nd Mar 16


Abadeh CEO announced that the company export...